Gibellina is a town of 4,433 inhabitants in the province of Trapani; it is located on a hillside 250 meters above sea level.

After the earthquake that destroyed the Belice Valley in 1968, it was slowly rebuilt.

For the reconstruction of the town, mayor Ludovico Corrao had the inspired idea of "humanizing" the territory in Gibellina calling several world famous artists such as Alberto Burri and Pietro Consagra that filled the new city of art. Also, Mario Schifano, Andrea Cascella, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mimmo Paladino, Franco Angeli, Leonardo Sciascia took part in the reconstruction of the town. The city soon became a great laboratory of artistic experimentation and planning, in which artists and works of value renewed urban space according to an innovative perspective.

Today Gibellina took an extraordinary artistic value. An example is the Cathedral Church of Ludovico Quaroni 1997, the Secret Garden 'of Francesco Venezia', Porta del Belice of Pietro Consagra, Piazza XV January 1968 with the Civic

Tower-Carrilion of Alessandro Mendini, the System Squares (Laura Thermes and Franco Purini), the War Memorial, etc...

However, its artistic value collides with the reality of a city outside the tourist circuit and therefore totally underestimated.

There are several works to visit: the contemporary art museum has among other paintings by Mario Schifano, Renato Guttuso and many famous Italian and international artists. The sculptor who left a tangible sign in the new Gibellina is Pietro Consagra with the Belice Star, a sculpture 24 meters high at the city gates.

Gibellina is now a museum “en plein air", a place where art blends with everyday life, where you mix the daily live with the deep culture of his works.

From BerlingeriResort, take the A29 towards Palermo; exit Salemi and follow the SS188 to Gibellina. Estimated time: 30 min.

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