The Nature Reserve of the Stagnone

The Nature Reserve of the Stagnone

Great attraction is the "reserve Stagnone" where there are salt flats and mills, and the archipelago of islands including Mothia.

It extends on the west coast of Sicily in the municipality of Marsala, in the sea between Cape San Teodoro and Cape Boeo or Lilybaeum.

The “Lagoon" the largest in Sicily, is characterized by shallow water (1-2 m often no more than 50 cm) between the four islands of San Pantaleo (Mothia), Grand Island, Schola and Santa Maria. The lagoon was formed relatively recently in response to movement of sand caused by underwater currents that created the Big Island around two original islands.

The birth of the island has closed part of the sea and open source here, since there are no currents needed to spare, water has become stagnant, with a temperature above the normal.

The main activity of the lagoon was the salt flats which is exercised by evaporating salt water channeled into special ponds, and then collect the salt. Pumping water and grinding of salt were carried out by means of windmills, some still preserved.

The Lagoon is a nature reserve ideal habitat for breeding and rest for many animal species, among them the pink flamingos that more often - and more and more groups - choose the lagoon and in particular the Big Island as a place rest. For several years the northern coast of Marsala, that includes the lagoon, has become the meeting place par excellence for lovers of kite surfing, water sports; many athletes come from all over the world to practice this sport taking advantage of wind and waves. Therefore have arisen several schools of Surfing, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing and in general all water sports right on the waterfront north of the city.