Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi Nature Reserve

Preola Lake and Gorghi Tondi Nature Reserve

The nature reserve protect a strip of territory from Mazara del Vallo to Tower Granitola, almost in parallel with the coast, about 1 km away from the sea, for a total of 335.62 hectares. Reserve management is given to WWF Italy.

The area, including lakes, is covered by dense marsh vegetation typical of Mediterranean coastal lagoons.

It has been subject to protection as a natural beauty of the land in Mazara del Vallo.

The area is accessible year round by reservation. It is recommended to visit it during spring and autumn seasons, when many species of waterfowl are passing and / or wintering.

From BerlingeriResort, back at the junction of Campobello di Mazara, then SS.115 towards Mazara del Vallo, take immediately after the motorway bridge on the left the road-Gillette St. Nicholas until the junction with the road Gorghi Tondi.